Triple+ NWL™ Shutoff unit, 3/4"

Triple+ NWL™ Shutoff unit, 3/4"

The wireless, battery operated water valve is installed on the main water pipe. It shuts-off the water supply whenever a risky event is identified or when manually done by the operator. The system can be easily integrated with an existing alarm and IoT systems.

The integrated ball valve whose parts come in contact with water meets the new lead-free requirements of NSF-372 (NSF-61).


Compliant With: CE-EN 50270 | CE-EN 300 | CE-EN 301 | ISO9001, FCC, IC

Water Shutoff Unit specifications

Dimensions [mm] 124x 102×74
Weight 740gr
Power supply CR123x2 batteries
Operating Voltage 3V
Battery life time Up to 2 years
Primary Radio Frequency 433Mhz
Operating temperature 0-50·c