Triple+ CLM™


Triple+ CLM™ Flow Sensor
Flow Sensor is designed to measure the rate of the flow. It is connected to Triple+ CLM™ Actuator. The actuator sends the consumption data to the Triple+ CLM™ HUB.
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Triple+ CLM™ RF Link
Universal radio transceiver allows two-way wireless communication between 3rd party devices (such as CO/Smoke/Fire/Combustible gas detectors) and Triple+ CLM™HUB.
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Triple+ CLM™ HUB, 868/915Mhz
Triple+ CLM™ HUB easily, securely and reliably communicates with the connected devices and tracks message delivery, allowing the understanding of devices’ state. It is ready to take action.
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Triple+ CLM™ Shut Off Actuator, IP68, 868/915Mhz
The wireless, battery operated water or gas Shutoff unit is mounted on a ISO5211 ball valve installed on the main water or gas pipe (1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/4″ pipes are supported). It shuts off water or gas supply whenever a risky event is identified or when manually done by the user.
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Triple+ CLM™ Repeater, 868/915Mhz
The wireless repeater can be used in order to extend the communication range between the Shutoff Unit and the HUB.
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Triple+ CLM™ Water Flood Detector, 868/915Mhz
The wireless and battery operated flood sensor is installed in places where high chance of water flooding may occur. Whenever water is detected, an automatic command is sent to the Shutoff Unit in order to stop the water supply.
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Water/Gas Integrated Shutoff Unit
The wireless, battery operated integrated shutoff unit is installed on the main water pipe.
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